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Mastey Natural Hair Color Dye - No Ammonia Ethanolamine MEA & PPD Free

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    x Since the 1950's Henri Mastey has been innovating the salon industry. From his creation of Foil Highlighting in the late 50's to his extensive work in teaching stylists how to use variable volumes of peroxide for better hair color results.

His breakthrough innovation and research lead him to the creation in 1978 of the worlds first Sulfate-Free shampoo, and in 2007 the creation of Mastey Teinture, the world's first true zero ammonia high lift permanent hair color.  Mastey is one of the few hairdressers ever live who also hold a chemistry degree.

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If you are a consumer who would like to color your hair with a gentler and safer product,
please request a consumer information e-brochure through email so that you can share it with your stylist.

Who should use Teinture Permanent Hair Color?

If you are using an organic or another no-ammonia brand now and the color is drying your clients' hair and it fades off-tone.

If you are a serious stylist/colorist who want to provide the best service to your clients.  You will find it perform similar if not better than what you are using in every aspect but there is absolutely no damage to the hair.

If your are suffering from skin irritation,  headaches, breathing problem, etc. from coloring hair all day.

If you are spending too much, like $6, $10, $15 or even $20 of color per application on each client.

If you want to grow your business in this challenging economic environment.  You need to do something different from what other salons are doing.

Why is Teinture a better product in terms of safety?

Primarily because the formulation does not use Ammonia (Ammonium Hydroxide) and the free form of Ethanolamines (mono-ethanolamine or MEA) as alkaline agent.  Ammonia can be irritating to skin and the respiratory system of some salon clients, while ethanolamines are gentler in comparison, it is a known toxicant to internal organs and a mutagen to mammalian cells.  <Source:>  It can also dries up the hair more than ammonia because it tends to stick on the surface of the hair shaft.

Secondarily, as in other Mastey hair products, there are no industrial compounds such as propylene glycol (mineral oil), PEG's or -laureth sulfates, which are frequently contaminated with toxic substances.

Does Teinture contain ammonia or diethanolamine (DEA)?

Mastey Hair Color does not contain any ammonia or diethanolamine (DEA).  Ammonia is very harsh and DEA is an unsafe chemical.  Unfortunately, a competitor has been spreading false information about Teinture hair color containing ammonia and DEA.  This small color company has also published misleading articles about many other companies.  Their owner and President is personally responsible of many untrue "facts" about Mastey on various websites and he has secretly hired many bloggers to impersonate as ex-employees, hair color experts, FDA officials and beauty forum moderators to support his propaganda on the internet.

One use of our products by any stylist will find that these accusations are all but plain lies.

Does Teinture contain Para-phenylenediamine (P-phenylenediamine, ppd)?

Teinture does not contain ppd for added safety.  However, people who are sensitive or allergic to ppd has a high probability of also reacting to other ingredients in the dye compounds.  It is therefore vitally important that a patch test to be administered at least 48 hours before the first application of Mastey as in any other color brands.

Is Teinture a Natural Hair Color or an Organic Hair Color?

Teinture is made of natural ingredients and organic chemical compounds.  We do not, however, engage in false advertising like other "natural" or "certified organic" brands to imply that the ingredients are all organically grown.  This is because the dye pigments of any permanent hair color is not made from living plant material, they are synthetic organic compounds.

If somebody ever invented a hair dye system derived from living plants that can lift and deposit colors consistently and cover gray hair uniformly, it will be front page news on the New York Times and every color companies will be licensing the new technology.  This will be an invention on the scale of the Television, the Compact Disc or the Cellular Phone!

Would the additions of "certified organic ingredients" or "organic essential oils" make hair color safer?

The answer to the question is "YES" if one believes that adding sweets to poison will make the poison safer.  These are nothing more than marketing scams served to divert attention from the many unsafe ingredients their products contain.

New Color
New Salon
New Possibilities
New Service Level
New Clientèle
New Opportunities

Salons can switch to Mastey to create a whole new business concept capitalizes on the emerging trends of natural, organic, health & wellness and eco-friendliness, or it can be used to complement existing colors to serve specific salon clients (health conscious, serious illness, sensitive, pregnant, cancer patients after chemotherapy, etc.)

  • Gentle, zero ammonia formula.  
  • No free form ethanolamine (MEA), DEA or TEA.
  • 100% gray coverage.
  • 50 & 60 volume developers lift up to 4.5 levels, reduce the need of double processing.
  • One-step fill & deposit option in tint-back.
  • Colors that lift colors (including "consumer box-colors").
  • 100 vibrant shades for permanent or demi-permanent applications.
  • No odor. No odorless toxic fumes (as in ethanolamine-based colors).
  • No itchiness. No irritations. No more Sweet & Low.


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With 100 Zero Ammonia inter-mixable shades and 7 amplifiers, Mastey Teinture provides an artist's palette to create anything colorists desire.  By using  plant-derived ingredients and the highest quality dyes, enriched with antioxidant vitamins and phospholipids,  Teinture imparts vibrant, long-lasting and natural looking color.

Teinture Hair Color comes in 4 oz. bottles.  Easy to store & dispense.  No more messy tubes. Very cost effective & eco-friendly.

When mix with developers, the liquid turns into a gel with a perfect consistency for any type of applications.

Developers come in 6 strengths range from 10 volume to 60 volume.  They are enriched with phospholipids for superior conditioning effect.

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