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Herbasis All Natural Skincare | SEED

Simple, Safe & Sustainable 

Simple 6-product system customizable for all skin types and all seasons.
               Safe ingredients that are naturally derived and free of any health concerns.
                        Sustainable formulations based on renewable resources that are bio-degradable
                                                 in recyclable, minimum packaging.

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This exquisite skincare line is designed for the boutique salons and spas that desire a compact product line with manageable inventory investment.  It is also ideal for larger operations to complement their existing products for their health and wellness conscious estheticians & clients. 

Formulated with
Herbal Extracts, Lipids & Essential Oils

Potent antioxidants & anti-inflammatory agents
Rejuvenating & repairing peptides
Phyto-nutrients & essential vitamins 

Nourishing & Therapeutic Effects

Prevent accelerated aging through cellular regeneration

Combat toxic and harmful pollutants

Remove destructive free radicals

Control chronic inflammatory conditions

Six-product system customizable for all skin types and all seasons

Makeup Remover + Wash
Balancing Toner
Anti-oxidant Moisturizer
Treatment Serum
Eye & Wrinkle Creme
Therapeutic Mask

I like Herbasis because the products work very well on my extra sensitive skin and I can use them on my clients who have the same challenge.

Stephanie Mataic, Urban Element Salon - Oshkosh, WI

My mature clients love the Treatment Serum and swear that they can see results with just one application of the Eye & Wrinkle creme!

Elizabeth Smith, Lic. esthetician - Minneapolis, MN

Unsafe ingredients found in mass-market to high-end ($20-$200) skincare products:

Polymers/Vinyl  These are plasticly and binding substances that form film on skin.

Dimethicones  These are silicone-based slippery compounds petrochemically synthesized that make the skin feel smooth and shine.  Also an eco-hazard.

DMDM Hydantoin/Ureas  Biocide preservatives that release formaldehyde. 

ethanolamines  Most common ones are MEA, DEA & TEA.  Multiple functions as pH adjusters, surfactants, buffering agents and emulsifiers.  They are toxicants, carcinogens,  immunotoxins, endocrine disruptors and irritants.  Also prone to contamination with other hazardous compound such as nitrosamine.

Polyethylene/PEG's  Emulsifying, binding and bulking agents that are potentially carcinogenic and toxic.

Petrolatum  Wax also know as petroleum jelly used also in most lip products for barrier formation.  Now found to be an endocrine disruptor and frequently contaminated with carcinogens. 

Mineral Oils/Paraffins  Emollients made from petrochemicals that clogs pores.

Propylene Glycol  Low cost skin humectant that are carcinogenic, toxic and causes irritations and allergies.

SD Alcohol  Common solvent that cause dryness of the skin.

Parabens  Preservatives that are potentially endocrine disruptors.

EDTA's  Chelating agents that are known to be ecologically unsafe.

Lauryl Sulfates  Harsh detergents found in cleansers also used as industrial degreasing agents. 

Laureth Sulfates  Marginally gentler than lauryl sulfates but prone to contamination with carcinogens such as 1,4 dioxane. 
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